Fully automatic tracking and charging equipment for abrasives

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Yunnan Donghun Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high performance cement grinding aid and concrete water reducing agent!


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Product description

   Fully automatic tracking and charging equipment for abrasives

  Cement plants and grinding stations basically use grinding aids at present, but grinding aid dosing is generally controlled and adjusted manually by gear pumps at the cement mill site. This traditional charging method cannot accurately match the mill table output with the grinding aid dosage, and there are usually deviations, and the grinding aid cannot be found in time after the material is broken. This not only affects the effect of grinding aid and causes unstable quality of cement, but also increases the workload of field and laboratory personnel in adjusting and calibrating the grinding aid dosage.

  In order to avoid adding less or more grinding aid during the production process and reduce the simple but tedious work of personnel, Yunnan Donghun Building Materials Technology Co. This equipment not only solves the defects of the traditional abrasive charging equipment, but also provides more monitoring and statistical functions with simple operation.

  Features of the fully automatic tracking and charging equipment for abrasives

  Real-time flow rate display, accurate to ml/min.

  Statistics and inquiry of the actual amount used in each shift.

  Cumulative usage from the start of grinding aid use to date.

  Sound-controlled alarm for broken material and supply, which can promptly notify the site inspector to investigate the cause and repair.

  The device transmits signals through optical fiber, and there is a central control display to output signals. After the signals reach the grinding aid field control cabinet, there is a device in the field control cabinet to calculate and add the grinding aid dosage.

  The central control personnel can control the on-site mill table time and grinding aid dosage adjustment, matching and grinding aid addition and stopping operation in the central control room.

  One set of equipment can control multiple mills to add grinding aid.

  Pictures of the site installation of the fully automatic grinding aid tracking and charging equipment.

  1、Central control control box (the equipment is placed in the central control room, and the cement mill operator is responsible for adjusting the parameters)



     2、Site control cabinet (the equipment is placed on site next to the abrasive storage tank, and there is a program module inside to calculate the addition of abrasive)






       ● Abrasive Aid Fully Automatic Tracking and Charging Equipment Operation Steps.

  1、Turn on the switch of the site control cabinet.

  2、Open the switch of the central control control box to ensure normal data connection.

  3、Operate the selected mill in the central control room, then enter the mill table time and grinding aid dosing amount (such as parts per million or parts per thousand) and press the confirmation button.


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The company has set up a professional R&D center, procured professional laboratory equipment for grinding aids and water reducing agents, and the central laboratory is staffed by five researchers specializing in polymer chemistry, three senior technicians in charge of compounding, and two electrical automation engineers, who are responsible for the company's product development, supporting artificial intelligence production equipment and refinement and upgrading of dosing equipment.

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