DH-701 polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent

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Yunnan Donghun Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high performance cement grinding aid and concrete water reducing agent!

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Water Reducer

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Product description

  DH-701 polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is a green and environmentally friendly high performance water reducing agent with high water reduction rate, which has good collapse retention function and good adaptability, and also better improves the plasticity index of fresh concrete so as to improve the construction performance of concrete and enhance the strength and durability of concrete. The product is widely used in ordinary concrete, pumped concrete, super-fluid self-compacting and high-strength durable concrete.

● Product index
Projects Unit Indicators
Appearance Clear or cloudy viscous liquid
Density g/cm3 1.08
PH May 6
Solids content % 40±0.5
Chlorine ion content % None
Sodium sulfate content % None

Note: Product homogeneity test method refer to GB\T8077-2012

● Product Features

       1. High water reduction rate: Tested according to the requirements of GB\T8076-2008 "Concrete Admixture" standard, the water reduction rate of the product can be more than 35%, which improves the working performance of concrete, increases the strength of concrete and can save a certain amount of cement, so the economic benefits of using the product are more obvious.

  2. better slump retention: it can extend the slump and transportation time of concrete, which ensures the pumping construction performance of concrete.

  3. good adaptability: the product has good compoundability and can be used with mainstream slump-proofing agent, retarder, defoamer and air-entraining agent in the market, which can formulate high-performance water reducing agent with different performance. It has good dispersibility and plasticity preservation for various types of cement, fly ash, mineral powder and sand and gravel materials.

  4. High strength growth rate: higher strength growth rate, improve the shrinkage of concrete and reduce the carbonation rate of concrete.

  5. Safety: The product is non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-flammable and non-explosive, does not contain substances harmful to steel and aggregate corrosion, does not contain formaldehyde and other aromatic residues harmful to human body, and can meet the current indoor and outdoor environmental requirements.

  6. Good product stability: no stratification and no precipitation in long-term storage.

● Scope of Adaptation

       1. Suitable for ready-mixed and ready-mixed concrete of various industrial and civil buildings.

  2. Suitable for various national infrastructure projects with high requirements for concrete, such as various water conservancy, marine engineering, harbor, electric power, etc.

  3. Suitable for high strength, high durability, self-compacting and various prefabricated components and other special concrete.

● How to use

       1. The product can be compounded with retarder, collapse inhibitor, air-entraining agent, defoamer, thickener and other materials and added into concrete to meet the various indicators of concrete.

  2. The amount of admixture after compounding is about 2% of the cementitious material, and the specific amount needs to be determined according to the test.

● Packaging and storage

       1. The product liquid is packed in 200kg, 1000kg plastic drums, or according to customers' requirements.

  2. Avoid direct sunlight, can be stored at 0-40℃.

  3. The shelf life is 6 months, beyond the shelf life, it can be used only after passing the test.

● Security matters

       1. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-explosive green products, but not edible.

  2. In case of eye contact, flush with water as soon as possible. In case of allergy to part of the body, seek medical attention.

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The company has set up a professional R&D center, procured professional laboratory equipment for grinding aids and water reducing agents, and the central laboratory is staffed by five researchers specializing in polymer chemistry, three senior technicians in charge of compounding, and two electrical automation engineers, who are responsible for the company's product development, supporting artificial intelligence production equipment and refinement and upgrading of dosing equipment.

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