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Yunnan Donghun Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high performance cement grinding aid and concrete water reducing agent!

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Water Reducer

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Product description

    High-performance DH-802 grinding aid, with a dosing amount of 2.0±0.2‰, can effectively improve the mill working conditions, reduce the wear of grinding body and liner, and increase the cement mix by 8-14% year-on-year.

● Main technical parameters of high performance grinding aid.

       1. The product meets the technical requirements of GB/T26748-2011 "cement grinding aid".

  2. The CI-content of grinding aid is less than 0.06%, and it does not contain other components that are harmful to the properties of cement;

  3. High-performance 42.5#(DH-802A): Cement strength increases by 5Mpa-7Mpa in 3d, and 8Mpa-12Mpa in 28d; it is suitable for mixing low loss of burnage and low water demand in large quantity. Example of mixed materials: slag, tailings, part of the gangue, part of the shale, etc., typical ratio: clinker 58% ~ 62% + desulfurization gypsum 4.5% + mixed materials 33.5% ~ 29.5%; 3d strength ≥ 25Mpa, 28d strength ≥ 50Mpa (high quality clinker); 3d strength ≥ 22Mpa, 28d strength ≥ 46Mpa (general quality clinker). Note: general clinker, 3d strength 28Mpa ~ 30Mpa, 28d strength 48Mpa ~ 53Mpa; high quality clinker, 3d strength 31Mpa ~ 36Mpa, 28d strength 56Mpa ~ 63Mpa.

  4. high performance 52.5# (DH-802b): cement 3d strength increased by 5Mpa - 7Mpa, 28d strength increased by 8Mpa - 12Mpa; lower clinker consumption of 52.5# cement, typical ratio: clinker 78% ~ 80% + FGD gypsum 5% + slag 5% ~ 3% + 95 grade mineral powder 12%; 45 micron fineness 7 ~ 9, 3d strength ≥ 32Mpa, 28d strength ≥60Mpa, (high quality clinker), 3d strength ≥28Mpa, 28d strength ≥56Mpa (general quality clinker).

  5. After using high performance grinding aid, the cement plant with clinker production line can save an average of 15.00±5.00 RMB per ton of cement for production cost, and 25.00±5.00 RMB per ton of cement for grinding station, which varies according to the comprehensive cost of clinker.

● Product Mechanism of Action

       1. Through physical and chemical effects, it increases the fluidity of materials, improves the grinding environment in the mill and maximizes the grinding effect.

  2. The effective ingredients in the grinding aid can successfully solve the problem of electrostatic adsorption, so that the electrostatic cohesion between cement particles can be shielded. It better reduces the surface tension, surface energy and hardness of the particles, which effectively overcomes the problem of sticky balls and full grinding.

  3. Microcrack rehealing is a general characteristic of material. The grinding aid can avoid microcrack healing, which is easy to expand under impact, thus achieving easier grinding of cement in the grinding process, increasing the content of 3μm ---32μm particles in cement, optimizing the particle gradation of cement, and helping to improve the strength of cement.

  4. In addition to the grinding aid effect, the chemical composition in the highly functional grinding aid itself specific chemicals react chemically with the aluminum, silicon and calcium in the cement. It generates new crops that optimize the composition of cement, making the hydration process of cement more adequate and perfect, thus achieving the purpose of increasing the strength of cement and improving its performance.

● Cautions

       1. The product should be stored in an airtight container to avoid sunlight, rain and freezing;

  2. In order to achieve the expected use effect, the relevant process parameters of the grinding system should be adjusted appropriately;

  3. Test the actual amount of grinding aid regularly to ensure accurate addition;

  4. The product can be tested in the laboratory before use to determine the best dosing amount;

  5. The shelf life of this product is six months.

  Conclusion: Donghun is the first cement grinding aid company in the field of cement grinding aid to propose and advocate one mill one case, and its market share in the southwest region is among the top three cement grinding aid enterprises. It is the first company in the southwest region to advocate different grinding aid products for different cement varieties, different grinding cement raw materials, different cement application sites and different grinding equipment. Since the company launched the targeted grinding aid varieties, the market response is strong, bringing considerable cost performance for the majority of customers!

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The company has set up a professional R&D center, procured professional laboratory equipment for grinding aids and water reducing agents, and the central laboratory is staffed by five researchers specializing in polymer chemistry, three senior technicians in charge of compounding, and two electrical automation engineers, who are responsible for the company's product development, supporting artificial intelligence production equipment and refinement and upgrading of dosing equipment.

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