Push the bar grate cooler common mechanical problems and treatment

In terms of machinery, the grate cooler in the cement industry is conveying equipment, because it is conveying high-temperature clinker, the working environment is relatively harsh, coupled with the function of thermal energy replacement, directly related to the recovery of heat, so it is particularly important. Now on its operation of the mechanical failure form and processing methods, make a brief introduction.


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Grinding aid has become one of the effective energy saving and consumption reduction measures in the cement grinding process, and as a technology that helps cement enterprises improve quality and efficiency, reduce emissions and benefit waste, almost all cement enterprises in industrially developed countries are using grinding aid, but the use of grinding aid in China is not ideal. The reasons for this are not unrelated to the following points.


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Cement enterprises generally roughly divide grinding aids into two categories: "enhanced" and "production enhancement", how should we choose? It is generally believed that if you want to improve the strength, you should choose "enhanced" grinding aid, and if you want to increase production or save electricity, you should choose "increased production" grinding aid. This seems to be no excuse, but sometimes the results are not ideal.


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The purpose of the small grinding test is: to use the material (the material being used or the material to be used) to initially select the variety and dosing of the grinding aid; to use the material to initially verify the adaptability of the grinding aid (mineral composition, ease of grinding) to reduce the blindness of the large grinding test; to use the standard material (self-matching) to verify the stability of the grinding aid in use.

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The company has set up a professional R&D center, procured professional laboratory equipment for grinding aids and water reducing agents, and the central laboratory is staffed by five researchers specializing in polymer chemistry, three senior technicians in charge of compounding, and two electrical automation engineers, who are responsible for the company's product development, supporting artificial intelligence production equipment and refinement and upgrading of dosing equipment.

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