Correct perception of abrasives

Many cement enterprises are first to see the grinding aid offer, and then do the test, so that the excellent grinding aid blocked out of the enterprise. The main purpose of cement enterprises using grinding aids is to save energy and reduce consumption, improve the performance of cement, can not only look at the price, only the low purchase price as the winner. The amount of grinding aid brought into the cost is not a measure of the excellent standard of grinding aid, excellent evaluation of the effect of grinding aid is to bring the amount of economic benefits and cement performance improvement. Due to the lack of comprehensive communication, enterprise personnel individually consider the gatekeeper of their respective jobs and give too many definitions to the procurement and use effect of grinding aids, thus affecting the actual use effect of grinding aids in enterprises. In fact, the purchase of grinding aids should first do a large grinding production test, and then according to the actual test effect, cost performance, etc. to tender.


We can see the glory of Conch today, but we can't forget the vicissitudes of Wuhu industry in the past.

July 22 is a day to remember the history of Wuhu's industrial economic development. On that day, Fortune magazine released the list of the world's top 500 companies, and Conch Group ranked 441st, achieving a zero breakthrough for Anhui local enterprises to be listed in the world's top 500. From settling in Wuhu to going global, the rapid and high-quality development of Conch Group over the past 20 years has given birth to an enterprise with global influence in this open and hot land of Wuhu.


Limited time to rectify! TCC and CR Cement mines on the list of regional rectification

According to the Notice, according to the requirements of the relevant documents, Guigang City Emergency Management Bureau hired Guangxi Industrial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. to conduct a safety production hazard survey of eight enterprises under the jurisdiction of Qiantang District, such as China Resources Cement (Guigang) Co.


Crusting, accumulation, clogging and control of kiln tail system of rotary kiln decomposition kiln

The popularization and application of kiln decomposition kiln has promoted the rapid development of China's cement industry, significantly increased the scale and production capacity of cement production, played an extremely important role in reducing consumption and improving product quality, and is the current development direction of China's cement industry. However, there is a common problem in the production process line of pre-calciner kiln which has been put into production in China, that is, the kiln tail system - preheating system and decomposer crusting, material accumulation and blockage. System crust, accumulation of material, affecting the ventilation and material flow, resulting in blockage; once the system is blocked, the thermal system is disrupted, seriously affecting the quality of kiln production, and dealing with blockage, it is more difficult to resume production, and worse, the blockage of collapsed material caused by personal injury or death. How to correctly understand and seriously treat this objective phenomenon, recognize the various hazards it will bring to the production; effectively through some necessary control means and certain process processing measures, scientific prediction and prevention, is the key to ensure the smooth production, to ensure the safety of the process facilities, the advantages of the system.


What is a grinding aid?

What is an abrasive aid! It is an additive to improve the efficiency of grinding. It can generally be glass beads, quartz sand, etc. To improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the power consumption of grinding operation is an effective means to improve the economic efficiency of cement enterprises, in order to achieve this purpose, domestic cement enterprises generally take two measures: one is to improve the structure of the grinding machinery, improve the grinding process and the way to make more institutions can act on the material through the grinding media; another method is to add a trace or a small amount of additives in the grinding process, that is, grinding aids to influence the mechanical and chemical processes in the grinding The other method is to add trace or small amount of additives to the grinding process, i.e. grinding aids to influence the mechanics and chemistry of the operation, so as to achieve the purpose of improving grinding efficiency. The latter has the advantages of low investment, quick results, simple operation, and can improve the physical properties of cement, etc., and has been gaining more and more attention.


Cement use tips

Cement standard consistency water demand (hereinafter referred to as cement water demand), the exact characteristics of the parameter should be the standard consistency of concrete water consumption. It is the amount of mixing water required to make the cement slurry reach a certain level of plasticity and fluidity, which is an important indicator of the performance of cement.


Abrasive tips

Grinding aid has become one of the effective energy saving and consumption reduction measures in the cement grinding process, and as a technology that helps cement enterprises improve quality and efficiency, reduce emissions and benefit waste, almost all cement enterprises in industrially developed countries are using grinding aid, but the use of grinding aid in China is not ideal. The reasons for this are not unrelated to the following points.


Abrasives Tips 2

Cement enterprises generally roughly divide grinding aids into two categories: "enhanced" and "production enhancement", how should we choose? It is generally believed that if you want to improve the strength, you should choose "enhanced" grinding aid, and if you want to increase production or save electricity, you should choose "increased production" grinding aid. This seems to be no excuse, but sometimes the results are not ideal.


Abrasives Tips 3

The purpose of the small grinding test is: to use the material (the material being used or the material to be used) to initially select the variety and dosing of the grinding aid; to use the material to initially verify the adaptability of the grinding aid (mineral composition, ease of grinding) to reduce the blindness of the large grinding test; to use the standard material (self-matching) to verify the stability of the grinding aid in use.

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The company has set up a professional R&D center, procured professional laboratory equipment for grinding aids and water reducing agents, and the central laboratory is staffed by five researchers specializing in polymer chemistry, three senior technicians in charge of compounding, and two electrical automation engineers, who are responsible for the company's product development, supporting artificial intelligence production equipment and refinement and upgrading of dosing equipment.

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