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  Reasons for using grinding aids are not ideal

    Grinding aid has become one of the effective energy saving and consumption reduction measures in the cement grinding process, and as a technology that helps cement enterprises improve quality and efficiency, reduce emissions and benefit waste, almost all cement enterprises in industrially developed countries are using grinding aid, but the use of grinding aid in China is not ideal. The reasons for this are not unrelated to the following points.

    (1) due to the process conditions of the cement enterprises are very different, after adding grinding aids, grinding aids can not give full play to their own role, so the use of the effect does not reach the expected goals of customers, resulting in the economic benefits of enterprises is not obvious.

    The grinding aid has a very sensitive compatibility, its components and content, the amount of admixture will affect the use of the effect. The suitability of grinding aid for different enterprises' cement and different varieties of cement is different, the suitability for different clinker, different mixed materials and different material moisture is different, and the suitability for different sizes of mills is also different, the components and dosage of cement grinding aid should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of different customers.

    (2) Some small and medium-sized cement enterprises, especially grinding stations, because their clinker is purchased from outside, the clinker purchased is not stable in quality and cannot be well homogenized, plus the moisture of the slag into the plant is very large and does not have drying conditions, which directly affects the effect of the use of grinding aids.

    After using grinding aid, the use of materials should be kept balanced and stable, the process equipment should be kept in good condition, and the process technical parameters should be adjusted timely and appropriately, and the moisture of the mixed materials should be controlled, and the reasonable balance between the mixture of mixed materials and the table output should be grasped in order to give full play to the efficacy of the grinding aid.

    (3) After using grinding aid, it may increase the hourly output of the mill, but some cement enterprises are obviously lacking in the operation capacity of certain equipment, such as the flow of the powder separator is super high, the capacity of the mill elevator is not enough, the amount of material under the batching scale reaches the limit, etc. These factors may restrict the effect of using grinding aid.

    After using grinding aid, it is required that the material proportioning, measuring and feeding quantity should be accurate and stable, the auxiliary equipment should have certain surplus capacity, and the ventilation and sealing condition of the system should be kept well. The material flow rate in the mill will usually be accelerated, so the mill ventilation and the grading and loading of each bin can be adjusted appropriately to control the material flow rate at a reasonable level.

    (4) After using grinding aid, the fineness (sieve balance or specific surface area) index of cement out of the mill is unreasonable, and no timely adjustment is made to these control indexes.

    After using grinding aid, the grinding conditions in the mill will change, and the fineness of the cement out of the mill will change with the correlation of particle gradation and the correlation with the physical properties of cement, and the control index of fineness needs to be redefined according to the change of physical properties.

       (5) Before the use of the grinding aid matching, small grinding test, large grinding trial, grinding aid adjustment and other work is not serious enough; in the use of these important work, even in the process, material changes, are rarely done, or even simply do not do.

    (6) should be particularly stressed that the quality of abrasive products is good or bad, not only in the product itself, its technical service level is also an important part of product quality. Quality service level, good service attitude, friendly communication environment, is the premise of the user with good abrasives, and this is precisely the most need to improve the abrasives industry.

    The use quality of grinding aid = the physical quality of material products + the virtual quality of technical services

    For the quality of cement abrasives, technical services account for a large proportion. Only according to the respective process characteristics of cement enterprises to provide "timely and suitable grinding aid products + comprehensive and perfect technical services", and according to its changes to make timely adjustments, in order to truly achieve the ideal use of the effect.

    (7) It must be pointed out that the grinding aid is not a "lazy" technology, only more test preferences to ensure its suitability, in order to achieve the best results. In order to obtain greater benefits of abrasives, the user must proactively cooperate and assist with the business of abrasives, because the abrasives have high requirements for the suitability, understanding of the suitability of the target, the service provider is not all grinding experts, not all-day attention at the scene, the service provider can not exceed the user.

    The benefit of using grinding aid = quality benefit of grinding aid + service benefit of grinding aid + matching benefit of user

    (8) In today's cement market with serious oversupply, users have really become our God, so we must consider the interests of users when using grinding aids.

    Equilibrium benefit of grinding aid = benefit of reducing clinker consumption + benefit of saving electricity in grinding + benefit of improving capacity - cost of using grinding aid - impact on cement sales - impact on cement selling price

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